Title of Presentation: The Sensor Management for Applied Research Technologies (SMART) Project.

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Michael Goodman

Organization of Primary Author: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Co-Authors: Richard Blakeslee, Mike Botts, Helen Conover, Robbie Hood, Gary Jedlovec, Xiang Li, Alex Robin, Karen Stephens, Susan Ingentron, and Manil Maskey


Abstract: NASA requires timely on-demand data and analysis capabilities to enable practical benefits of Earth science observations. However, a significant challenge exists in accessing and integrating data from multiple sensors or platforms to address Earth science problems because of the large data volumes, varying sensor scan characteristics, unique orbital coverage, and the steep “learning curve” associated with each sensor, data type, and associated products. The development of sensor web capabilities to autonomously process these data streams (whether real-time or archived) provides an opportunity to overcome these obstacles and facilitate the integration and synthesis of Earth science data and weather model output. The Sensor Management for Applied Research Technologies (SMART) project is developing and demonstrating the readiness of Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) capabilities that integrate both Earth observations and forecast model output into new data acquisition and assimilation strategies. The advancement of SWE-enabled systems (i.e., use of SensorML, sensor planning services, sensor observation services, sensor alert services, and observation and measurement model protocols) will have practical and efficient uses in the Earth science community for enhanced case study data set generation, real-time data assimilation with operational applications, and for autonomous sensor tasking for unique data collection.