Title of Presentation: Raman Spectra Identifications of Mineral and Organic Constituents

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Bin Chen

Organization of Primary Author: NASA Ames Research Center

Co-Authors: Carol Stoker, Christopher P. McKay, Rosalba Bonaccorsi, Jhony Zavaleta, Stephen Dunagan, Jose Antonio Manfredi Rodrigues, Javier Gomez Elvira, Fernando Raul


Abstract:  We will present design, integration and test results of a field Raman spectrometer that is a part of science payload in Mars Analog Robotic Drilling Experiment (MARTE) drilling platform. We have demonstrate the promising potentials of Raman spectroscopy as a non-destructive in situ detection technique, as well as a desirable remote sensing tool for future missions. The subsurface Raman spectroscopy inspections during drilling operation have demonstrated high throughput active sensing capability for organic and mineral composition. We have measured field sample using both our field unit and a laboratory spectrometer equipped with multiple laser excitation wavelengths for comparisons. The laser excitation conditions and optical probe designs are evaluated for further improvement.  In addition, we will discuss laboratory spectroscopy studies of biomarker of cyanobacterial in the field samples from Yellowstone hot spring, and organic carbon constituents in Atacama soils and Mojave rocks.