Title of Presentation:  UltraFlex-175 on ST8:  Validating the Next-Generation in Lightweight Solar Arrays

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Steve White / Paul Banicevich

Organization of Primary Author: ATK Space Systems, Goleta

Co-Authors: Thomas Trautt, Paul Cronin, Brian Spence


Abstract:  ATK Space Systems (ATK) is executing NASA’s New Millennium Program (NMP) Space Technology 8 (ST8) implementation phase to develop and validate through spaceflight a next-generation solar array system called UltraFlex-175.  UltraFlex-175 is an advanced (and much larger) version of the previously flight qualified Mars 01 and Phoenix-Lander UltraFlex and employs several unique, next-generation technologies to facilitate scale-up and maximize performance.  The UltraFlex-175 solar array system provides exceptional specific power (175 W/g – 220 W/kg BOL), compact stowage volume (>33 kW/m3), very high deployed stiffness, scalability beyond 7 kW wing sizes, and operational capability for standard, high voltage, multi-A.U., and/or high temperature applications.  Key technology maturation activities performed (deployment kinematics, deployed dynamics, and power production / survivability) that demonstrate high Technology Maturity Level (TRL) will be presented.  Subsystem and system level design, development, experimental hardware builds, conducted tests / test results, and analytical model development / correlation activities performed on ST8 will be discussed.  The planned UltraFlex-175 flight experiment details and UltraFlex scale-up performance to 7 kW and larger wing sizes will also be presented.