Title of Presentation: A Smart Sensor Web for Ocean Observation: System Design and Underwater Acoustic Networking

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Payman Arabshahi

Organization of Primary Author: University of Washington


Abstract: Wide area ocean observatories for monitoring and scientific exploratory purposes are in various stages of design. We describe here an architecture for a semi-closed loop dynamic smart ocean sensor web system, composed of four elements: (1) an underwater cable-connected mooring system with a profiler under real-time control with inductive battery charging; (2) a seaglider with integrated acoustic communications and broadband receiving capability; (3) integrated acoustic navigation, communications, and tomography, on various scales; and (4) end-to-end integration of these elements, gathering in-situ data, with satellite data, and their assimilation into a Regional Ocean Modeling System, to realize the goal of adaptive sampling. We address system design challenges, and present preliminary results on a primary implementation challenge in underwater acoustic networking.