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This CD is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The HTML content on this CD is compatible with version 3.0 and later of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers although versions 4 and above are recommended. Macintosh users may need to configure their browsers to automatically view the Powerpoint presentations from their web browsers. Please read the Macintosh Browser Configuration page for more details. Netscape Navigator users may experience problems viewing some Powerpoint files that contain video when opening the files from the web browser. These users can open the presentations directly from the CD as explained in the next paragraph to see the video.

The session papers, presentations, and movies can be viewed by clicking the title links provided in these web pages, or by directly accessing the document files contained in the folders named ../01Papers, 01Presnt, 02Papers, 02Presnt, and Movies found in the root directory of this CD.  Some paper and presentation files were not available when the CD went to press and their title entries are not linked.

Session papers are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (.pdf). The presentations are in Microsoft's PowerPoint format (.ppt).  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 recommended) and Microsoft Powerpoint (Powerpoint 2000 or higher recommended) installed on your computer to view the files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Powerpoint installed on your computer, see below for information on installing viewers for the files.

Viewer Program Installers

Viewers are needed to display the papers and presentations contained in this CD.  Click on the following links to install the appropriate viewer based on your computer type.  Please note that you must have an active internet connection to download the software. We have made every attempt to provide links to the correct install files.  In case of difficulty please check for support information from or

Links to Viewer Program Installers
PowerPoint 97 Viewer for Windows PowerPoint 98 Viewer for Macintosh

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