Title: An Evaluation of Protocols for UAV Science Applications
Author: William Ivancic
Organization: NASA Glenn Research Center
Co-Authors: William D. Ivancic, Don Sullivan, Patrick E. Finch

This paper identifies data transport needs for current and future science payloads on the NASA Global Hawk unmanned aeronautical vehicle (UAV). The NASA Global Hawk communication system and operational constrains are presented. The Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) mission will be used to provide the baseline communication requirement as a variety of payloads were utilized in this mission. User needs and desires will be addressed. Protocols will be matched to the payload needs and an evaluation of various techniques and tradeoffs will be presented. Such techniques include utilization rate-base selective acknowledgment protocols and possible use of protocol enhancing proxies. Tradeoff of communication architectures will also be presented that address easy of use and security considerations.