Title: Design of an airborne Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) for the coastal ocean
Primary Author:
Byron van Gorp
Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Co-Author(s): P. Mouroulis, B. van Gorp, R. O. Green,  D. Cohen, D. Wilson, D. Randall, J. Rodriguez, H. Sobel - Jet Propulsion Lab
H. Dierssen - University of Connecticut

Abstract: PRISM is an airborne pushbroom imaging spectrometer that covers the 350-1050 nm range with a 3.1 nm sampling and a 33o field of view. Its distinguishing characteristics are high signal to noise ratio, high uniformity of response, and low polarization sensitivity. It also incorporates two additional wavelength bands at 1240 and 1610 nm in a spot radiometer configuration to aid with atmospheric correction. Delivery is due in 2012. We present the instrument design and the requirements to which it responds. Critical innovations are 1) a design that minimizes the number of elements, maintains low angles of incidence on optical surfaces, allows large aperture (F/1.8), and minimizes distortions, and 2) a polarization-insensitive diffraction grating fabricated by electron-beam lithography.  The system is enabled by a rapid snapshot readout detector array and specially developed low-noise readout electronics.