Title: End-to-End Design and Objective Evaluation of Sensor Web Modeling and Data Assimilation System Architectures: Phase II
Primary Author: Stephen Talabac
Organization: NASA GSFC
Co-Author(s): Michael Seablom, Robert Atlas, Robert Burns, G. David Emmitt

We will present results from our on-going effort to construct a "Sensor Web simulator" for use in Earth Science mission planning. The goal is to demonstrate how advanced information technology can reduce mission costs, extend mission life, and enable better data collection through the collaboration of observing system assets and numerical models. The simulator, as designed, will be a fully integrated information system that enables the technologies for Earth observing systems and related data information systems to be thoroughly evaluated for current and future missions. Our work is focused on three potential Decadal Survey missions: the "3D Winds" mission, the Extended Ocean Vector Winds Mission (XOVWM), and the Precipitation and All-weather Temperature and Humidity (PATH) mission. We will discuss the development of the simulator to date, preliminary results that were obtained from our Phase I effort, and the use of new nature run data for observing system simulation experiments that will be deployed for a hurricane use case scenario in our Phase II work. We will also discuss the utility of the simulator for performing "what if?" scenarios for mission trade studies.