Title: SensorWeb 3G: Extending On-Orbit Sensor Capabilities to Enable Near Realtime User Configurability
Primary Author: Mandl, Daniel
Organization: NASA GSFC
Co-Author(s): Rob Sohlberg - Univ. of Maryland/Dept of Geography; Steve Chien - NASA/JPL;  Don Sullivan - NASAA/Ames; Pat Cappelaere - Vightel Inc.; Stuart Frye - SGT Inc.;  Troy Ames - NASA/GSFC

This research effort prototypes a standard interface, Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS), which is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard, to enable users to define, test, upload and execute algorithms for on-orbit sensor systems. The user is able to customize on-orbit data products that result from raw data streaming from an instrument. This extends the SensorWeb 2.0 concept that was developed under a previous Advanced Information System Technology (AIST) effort in which web services wrap sensors and a standardized XML based scripting workflow language orchestrates processing steps across multiple domains. SensorWeb 3G extends the concept by providing the user controls into the flight software modules associated with on-orbit sensors and thus provides a degree of flexibility which does not presently exist. This presentation will go over the demonstrations achieved to date which includes a realistic HyspIRI decadal mission testbed. Furthermore, benchmarks that were run will be presented along with future demonstration and benchmarks tests planned for the future. Finally, implications for the future and how this concept dovetalls into efforts to develop "cloud computing" methods and standards.