Title of Presentation: A Model for Autonomous Reconfiguration of Earth Sensing Resources

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Robert Morris

Organization of Primary Author: Ames Research Center

Co-Authors: Jennifer Dungan, Lina Khatib, Petr Votava

Abstract: A sensor web is an organization of space, airborne, or in situ sensing devices for collecting measurements of the Earth's processes. Potential users of a sensor web include Earth scientists and human decision makers responsible for disaster monitoring, mitigation and management.
Effective coordination of the collection of sensing and data processing resources requires an infrastructure to access them and the data they produce. Software web service-based infrastructures based, for example, of the Open Geospatial Consortium's SWE are being developed. To increase the effectiveness and usability of this often complex infrastructure, automated support tools for discovering and accessing these services are required. The focus of this paper is to describe in detail a model and system for automated support of sensor web resource utilization. The basis of this approach is the idea that a sensor web can be viewed as a complex controllable physical system. From this viewpoint it is then possible to leverage recent advances in autonomous control technology to automate the process of accomplishing Earth science goals by reconfiguring the resources for acquiring, storing and analyzing data.