Title of Presentation: Shared Aperture Diffractive Optical Element (SHADOE) Lidar Telescope System Development

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Geary Schwemmer / Cathy Marx

Organization of Primary Author: Science and Engineering Services, Inc.

Co-Authors: Bruce Gentry, Cathy Trout-Marx, Pete Dogoda, Sangwoo Lee, and Richard Rallison


Abstract: We report on the progress of an experimental research program to demonstrate the feasibility of multiplexing several holographic optical elements (HOEs) in a single film. Named the Shared Aperture Diffractive Optical Element (ShADOE), it is equivalent to multiple telescope primary lenses all contained in one optic, and is used as a scanning telescope without major moving components [1]. Suitable for a broad range of lidar applications and free-space laser optical communications, multiplexed telescope technology will enable a Global Tropospheric Wind Mission by providing scanning for a large aperture over very wide-angles. In addition to multiplexing several HOEs into a single optic, we demonstrate aberration correction using a secondary holographic corrector plate that also collimates the light for an afocal system. We also subject the HOEs to radiation tests as part of a space qualification program.