Title of Paper: Application of Uncooled IR Array Detector with the Compact Visible and Infrared Imagining Radiometer

Principal Author: Dr. James Spinhirne

Abstract: The use of uncooled microbolometer infrared array detectors for space imaging was first applied in the Infrared Spectral Imaging Radiometer (ISIR) hitchhiker experiment on STS-85. Results demonstrated that spectral imaging with uncooled infrared detectors could meet science requirements for km resolution cloud and surface imaging. Array imaging has the added benefit that both spectral and angular radiance information may be applied. Uncooled IR imaging has the potential for smaller, lower cost and higher performance imaging radiometers for some applications. The Compact Visible and Infrared Radiometer (COVIR) has been developed under the IIP program as an engineering model of an operational multispectral imaging radiometer for small satellite missions. The goals of the effort are to develop an imager that satisfies the radiometric demands of typical earth observations while providing a compact and low cost instrument. Commercially available component are employed to minimize development effort. A description of the COVIR instrument, its operation and performance are given.