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Langley Research Center (14 projects)
Graduated Projects are Highlighted in Blue

Principal Investigator Project Title
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Beyon High-Speed On-Board Data Processing for Science Instruments (HOPS)
Hair Integration of HSRL Measurement Capability into the Ozone DIAL System for Deployment on the NASA DC-8
Kavaya Airborne Demonstration of an Autonomous Operation Coherent Doppler Lidar that is a Precursor to a Space-Based Wind Profiling Instrument
Koch Showing the Utility of the Doppler Aerosol Wind Lidar (DAWN) for Wind Energy Applications
Mlynczak Phase Change cell demonstration onboard the International Space Station in support of the CLARREO Mission
Mlynczak Absolute Calibration of the FIRST Instrument
Mlynczak Far-Infrared Extended Blocked Impurity Band (FIREBIB) Detectors Optimized for Earth Radiance Measurements
Mlynczak Calibrated Observations of Radiance Spectra from the Atmosphere in the far-InfraRed - CORSAIR
Neil Infrared Correlation Radiometer Fabrication and Characterization as Applied to the GEO-CAPE Decadal Survey Mission
Obland ASCENDS CarbonHawk Experiment Simulator (ACES)
Singh Design and Fabrication of a Breadboard, Fully Conductively Cooled, 2-Micron, Pulsed Laser for the 3-D Winds Decadal Survey Mission
Singh Development and Integration of a Pulsed 2-micron Direct Detection Integrated Path Differential Absorption Lidar for CO2 Column Measurement from Airborne platform
Yu, Jirong A 2-micron Pulsed Laser Transmitter for Direct Detection Column CO2 Measurement from Space

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