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Goddard Space Flight Center (32 projects)
Graduated Projects are Highlighted in Blue

Principal Investigator Project Title
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Abshire ASCENDS Lidar: Acceleration and demonstrations of key space lidar technologies
Abshire CO2 Laser Sounder for ASCENDS Mission - Technology Development and Airborne Demonstration
Blair LVIS Integration onto Global Hawk
Blair LVIS - Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor
Clune Automated Event Service: Efficient and Flexible Searching for Earth Science Phenomena
Clune Automated Tracking of Earth Science Phenomena for Ingest into a Moving Object Database to Enable Systematic Studies
Fatoyinbo EcoSAR The first P-band Digital Beamforming Polarimetric Interferometric SAR instrument to measure Ecosystem Structure, Biomass and Water
Flatley Advanced Hybrid On-Board Data Processor - SpaceCube 2.0
Heaps Novel Laser Approach for Precision CO2 Column Measurement
Janz Hybridized Visible-NIR Blind (Al, In) GaN Focal Plane Arrays
Krainak Quantum Well Multiplier Infrared Photodetectors- Follow-On
Krainak Ultra-sensitive near-infrared optical receiver using avalanche photodiodes
Krainak Quantum Well Multiplier Infrared Photodetectors
Li ER-2 X-band Radar (EXRAD) for Cloud, Precipitation and Wind Measurement
Lynnes Multi-Sensor Data Synergy Advisor (MDSA)
Mandl A High Performance, Onboard Multicore Intelligent Payload Module for Orbital and Suborbital Remote Sensing Missions
Mandl Sensor Web 3D to Provide Cost-Effective Customized Data Products for Decadal Missions
Mandl GEOSS Architecture for Remote Sensing Products for Disaster Management and Risk Assessment
Marx Hybrid Doppler Wind Lidar Transceiver
McClain Development of an Ocean Radiometer for Carbon Assessment (ORCA) Prototype
McGill Enhancements to the Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) ISS and Airborne Instruments
McGill Integration of Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) to high-altitude research aircraft
Meister A Flight-like Prototype of the Ocean Radiometer for Carbon Assessment (ORCA)
Peters-Lidard A mission simulation and evaluation platform for terrestrial hydrology using the NASA Land Information System (LIS)
Peters-Lidard Integration of Data Assimilation, Stochastic Optimization and Uncertainty Modeling within NASA Land Information System (LIS)
Racette Antenna Technologies for 3D Imaging, Wide Swath Radar Supporting ACE
Rincon Advanced Antenna for Digital Beamforming SAR
Riris A Compact Remote Sensing Lidar for High Resolution Measurements of Methane
Sun HgCdTe Infrared Avalanche Photodiode Single Photon Detector Arrays for the LIST and Other Decadal Missions
Talabac End-to-End Design and Objective Evaluation of Sensor Web Modeling and Data Assimilation System Architectures: Phase II
Tao Empowering Cloud Resolving Models Through GPU and Asynchronous IO
Yu, Anthony Efficient Swath Mapping Laser Altimetry Demonstration

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