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Graduated Projects
35 projects graduated from ESTO funding between April 2011 and April 2012

Principal Investigator Institution Project Title
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Abshire Goddard Space Flight Center CO2 Laser Sounder for ASCENDS Mission - Technology Development and Airborne Demonstration
Blair Goddard Space Flight Center LVIS - Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor
Clune Goddard Space Flight Center Automated Tracking of Earth Science Phenomena for Ingest into a Moving Object Database to Enable Systematic Studies
Diner Jet Propulsion Laboratory Shortwave infrared polarimetric imager for aerosol and cloud remote sensing
Dobler ITT Industries, Space Systems Division Laser Remote Sensing of O2 for Determination of CO2 Mixing Ratio and Sensing of Climate Species
Donnellan Jet Propulsion Laboratory QuakeSim: Increasing Accessibility and Utility of Spaceborne and Ground-based Earthquake Fault Data
Folkner Jet Propulsion Laboratory Laser Ranging Frequency Stabilization Subsystem for GRACE II
French USC Information Sciences Institute Autonomous On-Board Processing for Sensor Systems (A-OPSS) Technology Transition for HyspIRI
Fu Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ka-band SAR interferometry studies for the SWOT mission
Hall The Aerospace Corporation Mineral and Gas Identification Using a High-Performance Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
Heaps Goddard Space Flight Center Novel Laser Approach for Precision CO2 Column Measurement
Kavaya Langley Research Center Airborne Demonstration of an Autonomous Operation Coherent Doppler Lidar that is a Precursor to a Space-Based Wind Profiling Instrument
Koch Langley Research Center Showing the Utility of the Doppler Aerosol Wind Lidar (DAWN) for Wind Energy Applications
Kopp University of Colorado/LASP A Hyperspectral Imager to Meet CLARREO Goals of High Absolute Accuracy and On-Orbit SI Traceability
Krainak Goddard Space Flight Center Ultra-sensitive near-infrared optical receiver using avalanche photodiodes
Krainak Goddard Space Flight Center Quantum Well Multiplier Infrared Photodetectors
Lambrigtsen Jet Propulsion Laboratory GeoSTAR Technology Development and Risk Reduction for PATH
McClain Goddard Space Flight Center Development of an Ocean Radiometer for Carbon Assessment (ORCA) Prototype
Meehan Jet Propulsion Laboratory A GNSS RF ASIC for Digital Beamforming Applications
Mlynczak Langley Research Center Far-Infrared Extended Blocked Impurity Band (FIREBIB) Detectors Optimized for Earth Radiance Measurements
Mlynczak Langley Research Center Calibrated Observations of Radiance Spectra from the Atmosphere in the far-InfraRed - CORSAIR
Neil Langley Research Center Infrared Correlation Radiometer Fabrication and Characterization as Applied to the GEO-CAPE Decadal Survey Mission
Nemani Ames Research Center Anomaly Detection and Analysis Framework for Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS)
Nemani Ames Research Center Prototyping High-End Computing On-demand Model Execution Environment
Papapolymerou Georgia Institute of Technology Development of Lightweight, 3-D Integrated X-Band Radar Antenna Using SiGe Chips and RF MEMS Circuits For Snow Accumulation Measurements
Peters-Lidard Goddard Space Flight Center Integration of Data Assimilation, Stochastic Optimization and Uncertainty Modeling within NASA Land Information System (LIS)
Phillips Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies CLASS Instrument Technology Maturation for ASCENDS
Pingree Jet Propulsion Laboratory On-Board Processing to Optimize the MSPI Imaging System for ACE
Reising Colorado State University Advanced Component Development to Enable Low-Mass, Low-Power High-Frequency Radiometers for Coastal Wet-Tropospheric Correction on SWOT
Revercomb University of Wisconsin-Madison A New Class of Advanced Accuracy Satellite Instrumentation (AASI) for the CLARREO Mission
Rider Jet Propulsion Laboratory In-Pixel Digitization Read Out Integrated Circuit for the Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) Mission
Sander Jet Propulsion Laboratory Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer (PanFTS) Instrument for the Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) Mission
Talabac Goddard Space Flight Center End-to-End Design and Objective Evaluation of Sensor Web Modeling and Data Assimilation System Architectures: Phase II
Taylor Composite Technology Development, Inc. Large Aperture, Solid Surface Deployable Reflector
Tucker Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Development and Demonstration of an Optical Autocovariance Direct Detection Wind Lidar (OAWL)

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